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We are inviting families who have previously participated in the Raising Grateful Children study to complete an online survey. Our goal is to receive as many surveys as possible back before MONDAY June 8th!  If you are unable to make this deadline, please let us know because we would still like to include you in the study, but your survey responses are most useful to use before this date.

The purpose of this study is to understand how families support children’s gratitude development, particularly during the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. Parentsand youth who participated in the Raising Grateful Study before are invited to separately complete a one-time 45-minute online survey for a $25 incentive each (or $50 family incentive). The findings of this study will be potentially beneficial for future researchers and educators attempting to support children and their families during and following the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. There are no significant risks to participating in this study, though reflecting on the changes and feelings evoked by COVID-19 may cause momentary discomfort or frustration.

If you are part of the Raising Grateful Children study, please contact us about participating at or call us at 919-307-6108.

The links below allow you to access forms that provide more details about the study.  If you choose to participate, parents will be asked to sign consent/assent forms as part of the survey.  After parents sign the consent in the first two questions of their survey, we can send a link for the youth survey to parents who can share that with their children. We cannot send out youth surveys until parents complete the consent question at the beginnig of the parent survey. (You do not need to complete the parent survey for your youth to participate but you do need to complete the consent items.) Copies of the cosent/assent forms are here for your reference.