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In 2015, the Society for Research on Adolescence funded a faculty working group to consider whether traditional theories about parenting adolescents were in need of revision for the current millennium.  The results of our work are featured in a special issue in the Journal of Research on Adolescence.  Here we focus on understanding the role of parents in helping adolescents navigate an increasingly diverse world.

We hope this work is useful to public audiences, researchers and policy makers, those who serve families, and teachers and students.  Because we view this issue as perhaps particularly useful to prompt class discusssion, we include here supplemental materials that may serve this purpose. The first is a brief video in which members of the faculty working group introduce themselves, talk about their work, and consider what is novel about parenting adolescents today.  (A second longer video without cuts is also posted below.) The second is the SRA Working Group Discussion Guide designed to spur discusion related to the articles in the special issue.  Please note that videos appear to play best in Chrome.

Seven Minute Video
Fifty Minute Video with Full Interviews









Members of the SRA Faculty Working Group on Parenting Adolescents.

Andrea Hussong & Deborah Jones (Co-Organizers)

Dan Bauer, Laurie Chassin, Martha Cox, Patrick Curran, Susan Ennett, Noa Gueron-Sela (fellow), Michaeline Jensen (fellow), Todd Jensen (fellow), Jennifer Lansford, Melissa Lippold, Roger Mills-Koonce, Lisa Pearce, Drew Rothenberg (fellow), Katie Smith (fellow), Gabriela Livas Stein, Velma McBride Murry

We look forward to continuing the conversations begun in our working group with a broader community!

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Society for Research on Adolescence 10-February 2016