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shieshaEach semester undergraduate students are involved in our research as volunteers and students enrolled in Independent Study (Psychology 395) or the Psychology Honors Program. Tasks in which students participate vary over semesters depending on the type of research in which we are engaged.  We keep a current description of research opportunities with the Developmental Risk and Resilience Lab available for review on the webpages of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

  • Although the academic activities in any given semester also may vary, an example of our current syllabus can be found here.
  • Students interested in Psychology 395 typically begin contacting us about opportunities by the start of registration the semester before they wish to participate.
  • To apply for an opportunity to volunteer or be a student in the lab, first review our course syllabus so that you are aware of how the lab experience is structured and graded. Applications may be completed and submitted online.  If someone has not contacted you to acknowledge your application within a week, you should contact Dr. Hussong directly to inquire about the status of your application at