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We offer opportunities for research training to undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdotoral fellows.
  • Undergraduate volunteers and interns (enrolled in Psychology 395) participate in a variety of research activities with the lab each year.
  • Opportunities for completing a senior honors thesis in Psychology are also available.
  • Information for prospective graduate students is included at this link; Dr. Hussong directly supervises between 2 and 5 students in any given semester in addition to students from various training programs who may serve as research assistants on her research projects. She is happy to accept graduate students applying to either the clinical or developmental training programs.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows in the lab are most often funded by the Carolina Consortium on Human Development, a NICHD-T32 funded training program offered through the Center for Developmental Science and directed by Dr. Hussong.

2018/19 DRRLers:

Veronica Cole (Postdoctoral Fellow), Maleeha Haroon (Graduate Student), Katie Smith (Graduate Student), Miranda Drange (Undergrad), Shwan Pierre (Undergrad), Ian Niggles (Undergrad), Andrea Hussong (PI), and Alexandra Wang (Undergrad)