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Welcome! I direct a program of collaborative research and training activities associated with the Developmental Risk and Resilience Lab (the DRRL) in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina. Our work focuses on understanding and intervening in early emerging risk trajectories for substance use, particularly among children of drug involved parents. We also examine how to promote positive developmental outcomes, notably how parents can foster gratitude in children. And, we develop novel methods to advance science, including Integrative Data Analysis.

We are posting the Gratitude Conversations program for public release.  This is a free, online program to support parents and caretakers in fostering gratitude in their children, available at this link.

Looking for access to data? Learn about the collaborartive dataverse created by the LOVE CONSORTIUM – they study love and a whole lot more. 

Allison Gilbert, Senior Writer for the Center for Parent and Teen Communication, covers RGCNew Work by Julia Shadur, Asst Prof at James Madison and former DRRLer Online Release of Addictive Behaviors Special Issue