We offer opportunities for research training to undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdotoral fellows.
  • Undergraduate volunteers and interns (enrolled in Psychology 395) participate in a variety of research activities with the lab each year.
  • Opportunities for completing a senior honors thesis in Psychology are also available.
  • Information for prospective graduate students is included at this link; Dr. Hussong directly supervises between 2 and 5 students in any given semester in addition to students from various training programs who may serve as research assistants on her research projects.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows in the lab are most often funded by the Carolina Consortium on Human Development, a NICHD-T32 funded training program offered through the Center for Developmental Science and directed by Dr. Hussong.

Current DRRLers:

Veronica Cole (Postdoctoral Fellow), Maleeha Haroon (Graduate Student), Katie Smith (Graduate Student), Miranda Drange (Undergrad), Shwan Pierre (Undergrad), Ian Niggles (Undergrad), Andrea Hussong (PI), and Alexandra Wang (Undergrad)