We will be accepting a new graduate student to the DRRL Lab next year.  Much of our ongoing work currently focuses on three currently funded projects and continued analysis of newly collected data. These studies reflect my interest in (a) contexts that contribute to the development of depression-related substance use, (b) methodological advancements relevant to conducting developmental studies, and (c) parent socialization of gratitude in children.

The REAL-U and Millinneal Friendship studies are part of the Cross Study project.  These studies were designed to develop optimal scoring procedures for creating commiserate measures from different instruments in order to pool data across different studies for Integrative Data Analysis.  However, the study also presents an opportunity to examine novel issues in college student drinking and drug use, with emphasis on the roles of peers, social media, parents, and symptomatology in the development of substance-related problems (PI: Dan Bauer and Co-Is: Patrick Curran and Andrea Hussong).

We are also engaged in a secondary data analysis of the Context Study (originally conducted by PIs: Susan Ennett and Vangie Foshee) with the goal of examining how features of peer social networks both mediate and moderate the relation between emotional distress and substance use in teens, with a focus on the high school years.

Finally, we are continuing to follow families from the Raising Grateful Children study in which we examine how parents attempt to foster gratitude in their 1st – 3rd grade children.